PC Matic fine tunes Your PC better than anything

PC Matic is a computer application used for performing vital computer maintenance. PC Matic ensures that your computer is always running at its best– increasing the usable life of your machine.

How does this happen? The PC Matic simultaneously removes Malware in your infected computer and keeps it in perfect condition. One of the striking things about the PC Matic is that it helps in keeping up to five computers not just protected, but also running just like new ones. All these happen whilst enhancing internet and system performance.


Some of the protections offered by PC Matic in relation to Mfalware such as Spyware, Viruses, Trojan Horses, Rootkits, Keyloggers, Adware, as well as Bots.

In addition, with PC Matic you are protected from computer and lockups crashes. You also stand to benefit from other related services as the software entails an application that enhances the speed of internet. This application is referred to as PC Matic Nitro. With this, you can benefit from inpc maticcreased download speeds of close to 190 percent. With this, you will be in the position to download your large files including photos, music, videos at an increased speed.

For those of you who have been running your computers with multiple programs as a way of optimizing the stability, performance as well as the security of your system, PC Matic is good news for you. It has a cloud based scheduler that makes it easy not just to keep your PCs protected but also running.

pc matic

The PC Matic is the best and most comprehensive application that you can purchase and get value for your money. The software can you fix your computers that have or have had no protection for a long time without any difficulty. In addition, does not need to be a computer geek to work with the software as only basic computer skills are required. This application works really well, fixes the registry by completely deftragmenting the disk drives.

What makes PC Matic the choice of many is its easiness to install, easy to run, and does everything without requiring you to buy anything extra.

In short, the PC Matic offers the best protection against contemporary threats by simply making use of a white list that permits only applicants who are trusted to run and also block the polymorphic viruses that evade most security products available in the market today.

What makes it different from others is its ability to automatically close the security holes in applications such as Flash and Java scripts. It does this by providing many layers of protection that traditional security systems do not.

With the PC Matic you are just a step away from solving your PC problems and literally make it perform much better than the day you acquired it. Rest assured that with just a simple click of a button, PC Matic will ensure the safety and stability of your computers.

Top 5 Online Games Introduced at Jogos1001.net

Looking for the best online games? If so, look no further. Here you will learn about the top online games being played right now. Whether you are looking for games that prompt you to find hidden objects, games that require you to match three or games where time management skills is a must, you can find it here. Right now, there are at least five games that you will not get tired of playing online.


Bejeweled is the match three type puzzle online game that everyone is in love with. Not only do you have to show your skills in matching up as many gems as you can within a particular time frame, but there are many levels or modes to play in such as classic, quest and Zen. Once you match up the gems, they disappear making all the other gems drop down into the empty space causing a chain reaction.


Nagi Q Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is an online game that has you searching for particular objects using a set of clues. This strategy game has 75 boards and allows you to travel to many islands, as you gather clues to find your treasure. Of course, the task is not made easy considering you will be running into enemies along the way.

Super Mario Brothers Crossover

In this online game, the Mario brothers have this team of characters from other games that assist them in making to the next level. All of the characters have some type of special powers such as shooting beams, turning into a rolling ball, throwing swords & boomerangs and awesome jumps. All characters are able to kill enemies by jumping on them as the Mario brothers do.


Blood Wars

This online game takes place in a post nuclear world. The gamer is basically controlling a vampire who tries to get rid of all the other vampires that are left.


A legendary arcade game that can now be played online. Pac-man roams through a blue maze eating fruit and his enemies to keep them from killing him. Once they have all been eaten, Pac-man moves on to the next level of the online game.